Haiti Fixer

photo by Tallulah Photography

                  Sebastian J. Petion - Haiti Fixer

(Sebastian Petion working with CBS anchor Katie Couric. He helped

CBS to  in the wake of this year's eartquake in Haiti. Photo from CBS)

CBS Breaking News Jan 20-2010 - Sebastian Petion is lauded for his assistance in helping CBS journalist Harry Smith compile stories in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.



 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Connecting You With The Right People – Right Away.

(Pictured above, Mr. Petion is translating for Anchor Katie Couric: CBS News)

He has worked with television and documentary crews and magazine and newspaper journalists, assisting with information gathering in response to breaking news.

Fluent in English, Creole and French, Petion connects you with the right people –  right away –  whether you’re a journalist, an academic, a visiting politician or an NGO official.

Sebastian Petion arranges transportation, recommends accommodation and sets you up with the people you need to connect with. He has worked with the international media since 2006 as a driver, a ‘fixer’, an interpreter and an organizer.

Petion has helped some of the world’s largest media outlets, including NBC and CBS in the United States, gather stories under the most difficult conditions imaginable.

Petion’s interpreter services encompass disaster, business, education, politics and financial reportage.