Haiti Fixer

photo by Tallulah Photography

Client Recommendations

I was the co-producer of a profile of Haitian music star and philanthropist, Wyclef Jean, that aired on the CBS news magazine, 60 Minutes, earlier this year.  I can safely that were it not for the hard work and determination of Mr. Pétion, helping us in areas that we could not have ventured into on our own, the piece would not have had the success it garnered.  Mr. Pétion's work ethic and journalistic eye were an added bonus.

I was so satisfied upon completion of the program that I recommended Mr. Pétion to a colleague from a competing network.  Mr. Pétion's hard work, desire to learn and interesting conversation make him an added bonus to any team.

Mr. Pétion is someone who can be considered for any position because when faced with a challenge he will not be intimidated. Whoever Mr. Pétion ends up working with should consider themselves very fortunate.

Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, 60 Minutes
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I'm the President of Yele Haiti, the organization founded and led by Wyclef Jean. Sebastian Petion began working with me as a volunteer on several of our programs two years ago, and I was impressed with him at that time at his resourcefulness, drive and determination. I subsequently hired him to assist with Yele's video and photo needs, and was impressed again with his ability to jump into challenging situations and always manage to deliver quality results and equally important, always on time.

Hugh Locke, Yele Haiti, www.yele.org


In June of 2008, I spent over a week in Haiti as part of the 60 Minutes team
reporting on musician Wycleff Jean's involvement in his homeland. Sebastian Petion was our fixer but he was also our camera assistant, troubleshooter, mediator and court jester.

On more than one occasion his determination, charm and intelligence enabled us to get access to people and pictures we may not have otherwise. He was tireless, on time and his language and people skills are superb. He also has a wonderful eye and was able to bring us to the locations to make the pictures to tell the story. If you are lucky enough to get him to work with you, I know you, too, will be pleased.

David Brown,
Florida-based documentary and television DP

I worked with Sebastian Petion in the aftermath of hurricane-related flooding in Gonaives, Haiti. Sebastian was an integral part of the NBC News team and vital in helping us get the elements we needed. He speaks perfect English, made all the arrangements we requested and has the contacts necessary to meet almost any request. Plus, he's a great person to work with! I wholeheartedly recommend Sebastian to other journalists working in Haiti.

Mara Schiavocampo, Digital Correspondent, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams


This is to state that I have hired Sebastian Petion to be my fixer, guide, driver, and translator in Haiti during my recent visit there. Sebastian did an excellent job of guiding me in a safe and efficient manner through various parts of the country. He is a hard working, highly-qualified professional, who knows Haiti very well, and without whom I could not have gotten my work done.

Sebastian and I visited a very large religious festival in the interior of Haiti, and during this project we had to sort a number of logistical obstacles and concerns, which Sebastian helped me to do in a very professional manner. His fluency in Creole, contacts in Haitian society, and work experience were invaluable in helping me accomplish my objectives.

I highly recommend him to anyone needing his type of services in Haiti.

Ricardo Preve http://www.prevefilms.com/


Sebastian Petion was key to a successful working trip to Haiti in 2008 as a freelance journalist, writing for various media outlets. I hired Petion as a ‘fixer’, driver, and interpreter. His fluency in Creole was key to ensuring I could communicate with the victims of the 2008 hurricanes, which devastated many parts of Haiti, including the city of Gonaives. I would highly recommend Petion to visiting journalists.

Writer, Roberta Staley, Vancouver, Canada


I found Sebastian Petion to be extremely professional, intelligent and articulate. His easy-going demeanour and diplomacy ensured that I remained safe in highly dangerous and challenging situations, whether it was a midnight voodoo ceremony in a Port-au-Prince slum or the flooded city of Gonaives. He also knew the best and most unusual places to shoot photos. I cannot recommend Petion highly enough.

Tallulah Photo, Vancouver, Canada